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Exciting news!

SURPRISE! Thought lockdown was enough to stop us? Enough to discourage us from staying connected with everybody? WRONG, think again 🙅🏻‍♀️

Here we are as tough as diamonds and have been very busy behind the scenes thinking about how we can help everybody stay connected and active during these times, and this is the result! All your instructors coming together from their own bubbles (even countries!) to help out and keep you busy! 😜

Wondering what to expect?

♡Multiple tiers to help make it as accessible and affordable for everybody.

♡Content to expect 👀

•cardio workouts,


•strength & conditioning,

•beginner and intermediate pole content

♡ No space, not interested, but still want to support the studio? We have a donation tier to help support the studio during being shut!

♡ Accessible on all devices, whenever, wherever!

♡Interactions with your fellow Gemstoners 🌟

Soo... who's going to be joining us? 🤩

Have any questions? Drop 'em down below!

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