Hello all,

In case you missed it, Boris anounced another national lockdown commencing Thursday 5th of November. This means that unfortunately we will be temporarily closed until Government Guidelines suggest otherwise. Our classes will remain on until Wednesday. In vue of the limitations we have added either spaces to some classes or some extra classes to ensure you can have your last fix before lockdown.

Monday and Tuesday remains the same, and on Wednesday we have an extra Int1/2 class as well as a Pole Dance class. To have a look at our schedule follow this link.

What if I had bookings past the 5th?

All bookings occurring after the 5th November have been removed. Your payment has been refunded as account credit, which can be used immediately upon reopening to book your classes. Please note that you will not be able to see your account credit on your profile until you are at checkout for booking a class, where you will find the option to "Pay with account credit".

You should have received an email for any class that was cancelled (you may have to check your junk folder).

What do we do now?

Until we can reopen, we will be offering online lessons via zoom. If you are intersested in any particular class please get in touch with us.

We can offer stretch and flexibility, pole, conditioning on and off the pole and dance.

These can be group or private sessions.

In the meantime, take care, be safe, and see you soon :)

We're sure by now you've had a chance to hear about the new government guidelines stating that groups of more than 6 people is prohibited.

This rule does not affect us, and here's why. All our equipment complies with safety distancing between each other. And we ensure all our students' and instructors' safety thanks to these delimited spaces. For us to be considered a group of 6 or more people we'd have to be 6 sharing a piece of equipment within those spaces! This is not a possibility at our studio. So provided all safety distancing measures and the one way path at the studio were followed we would have no problem with this new ruling.

However, we always put our student's needs first, and have therefore decided to keep our reduced class sizes (1 person per piece of equipment) for the foreseeable future.

As always, all decisions are changeable depending on new regulations and how the situation develops. We just like to keep all of you up to date and be open about our decisions and discussions!

If you have any queries, concerns or suggestions do let us know in the comments below or chat to us *LIVE* on our new handy live chat option on our website. Of course you are still welcome to email us at or on any of our social media platforms!

New month, new timetable! We recently sent a survey to our students to ask about how they were finding the studio since reopening but also about preferences for lessons. And with all this info we have made up a shiny new timetable for September which you can find on our booking system or down below!

In response to some of the survey answers we have decided to answer a few things too!

-We now have an email subscription you can join on our website to receive newsletters about any updates about the studio and photoshoots, workshops, etc.

-Rent-a-pole and rent-a-hoop have been readded to the timetable with a maximum of one person per hour

-Pole/Hoop dance is still currenlty on hold. However, Ruth has added a one-off Dance & Flow class the 18th September. There are limited spaces so hurry if you want to join in!

-Also just a reminder all membership options and discount codes are indefinitely on hold due to the current Covid-19 situation, we hope you can understand!

Do you have any more questions? Or would you like to suggest something to us? Feel free to comment down below or email us on

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