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Book A Class

1) Create a login - let us know your personal details and any health information you think we should know.

2) Take a look at the timetable below and decide whether you want to book a taster, a PAYG, or purchase a membership.


3) Select the day/time you would like to come and book onto a class.


All classes are on a first come first serve basis. If you would prefer a private lesson for you or you and a friend, please either email or message/call 07540739032.


Try out a class for just £7.50 with the discount code 'TASTER'


PAYG Classes                     £15                                          All students receive a 20% discount. 


          4 classes a month     £56                                          You do not have to attend the same class

          6 classes a month     £78                                          each week and can switch between

        10 classes a month     £120                                        payment types to suit you.

        14 classes a month     £154

Private Lessons

         One to One              £35

         Two to One              £60 (£30/person)

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