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Hi! I’m Gem and I am the owner and dance teacher for GemsTone Fitness. Dance was instilled in me from birth, I think! From ages 4 to 16, I was dancing and competing in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Street Jazz and Ballroom. I fell pregnant and the weight piled on, the stretch marks grew, and my confidence fell. If it wasn’t for a friend of mine, who wanted to try every new class that was going, I would never have even dreamed of starting pole dancing lessons!


I was a little wary, mainly of my weight, but more of what it involved. Well, after the first class, I was hooked! I had a lovely first teacher, who encouraged me, even though I wasn’t as strong as the other girls. I had the pole bug – and I was determined to become stronger, and more graceful, and more daring.

 It was pointed out that I had a knack for helping others from the start and could offer alternatives, as I had to do moves differently because of my weight. I even bought a pole to have at home so that I could practise. That was it then – I was on a mission to get fit. I started attending classes more than once a week and made time for all the extra fitness sessions and pole workshops I possibly could. It took a while for a fellow pole teacher to convince me that I had the power, the confidence, the know-how and the skill to start teaching my knowledge to others. So I started the ball rolling with training, certificates, insurances and courses in order to become a reputable teacher/school. I started working for a local pole school in order to gain even more confidence and experience then, being the career-minded person that I am, I set up my own pole school.

I achieved my PDC 3* instructor level achievement and 4* level dancer in the official PDC Grading, which displays the highest level of professionalism amongst the pole industry. I am a member and on the map of the PDC pole schools. This, for me, is a major achievement in itself! I have met SO many pole dancers in the four years that I have been dancing, and have to say, have not come across one of them who hasn’t been friendly, encouraging or gracious. I love being a part of the Pole Dance Community, in every sense of the word and can’t wait to continue and promote the journey of GemsTone Fitness Ltd. Here’s your chance to become a member of that same community…


Hi, I'm Marta, and my aerialist journey started at GemsTone in 2016. Starting out as a student in the studio, I have moved all the way up to becoming a pole instructor and also taking the role of administrator for GemsTone!

I am qualified to teach pole beginners and intermediate, hoop beginners, pole silks and stretch & flexibility. I am also certified in anatomy and physiology for aerialists. I also love teaching anything that's related to 'stands (headstands, forearm stands and handstands).

You're sure to see me around the studio as I practically live there and also take part in lessons.

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Hi I’m Kristy Gunning
I have been polling now for over 5 years. I love everything about pole it has given me so much confidence and strength that I never knew I could ever have. My very first day i got home after my lesson and purchased a pole! I wanted to practise everything I did in class. Pole just makes you forget about what’s going on in your life and you can just focus on you.
The passion I have for it is like no other, that’s why I wanted to become an instructor. I wanted to share my passion and love for it with others. Being a mum of 3 children I love to inspire other people that you can be anything you want to be if you put 
your heart, soul and mind into it.

I also love everything about training so I took the time to qualify as a level 3 personal trainer with other qualifications such as ante/post natal specialist, gp referral diploma, group studio cycling, boot camp and circuits and advanced fitness tester. Also have other courses lined up to. I love learning and becoming the best I can be to help others.


Hi I’m Kelly, by day a physio and by night an aerialist. How it all started was because myself and a friend always loved trying something new so we went to a pole class and loved it we then found a local studio which in turn allowed me to meet Gem where she introduced me to hoop which was about 8 years ago now. As much as I liked pole hoop was my big love. I started teaching approx 4 years ago and love seeing people progress. Gemstone is like one big family, a safe haven, a place to de-stress and forget the world. There is nothing better than popping on a good song and just planning a routine or just making up a flow.

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Hi, I'm Ruth and my pole journey started in 2007 when a friend suggested we try it. Back then, it wasn't as big as it is now. I quickly progressed to authentic pole (stripper style) and have experience of dancing in a club. I've been at Gemstone since 2017. I'm qualified in pole to teach Beginners and Intermediate. Qualifications are Level 2 ETM and Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer (includes anatomy & physiology and nutrition). My passions are pole dance / exotic, chair and floorwork and I love teaching how to dance in heels and bring out that inner confidence. I also take part in the hoop lessons, and have competed in Hampshire PCA Bikini Masters. Gemstone rocks!


Sanna James was born in London & grew up in Seattle, U.S.A. After graduating university with a B.A, she discovered aerial silks and wound up in a class that took place performing in a tiny pub. She had found her heart & soul. 

She was so enamored by aerial arts she attended New England Center for Circus Art’s 2-year professional program where she specialized in aerial rope & strap loops. She then moved to England and toured with a traditional circus for 3 years. 

Sanna has a Nimble Arts Teacher Certification in Fabric Foundation. She is passionate about the infinite possibilities & freedom of aerial art and loves to share her JOY of aerial with others.  Sanna thinks Gemstone is a magical place.

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Hey hey, I’m Louise and I’m a qualified advanced aerial hoop instructor! I first started teaching at Gemstone back in 2016 but then had to go on a hiatus after breaking myself.

But fear not!! I’m back and ready and I cannot wait to start teaching you all again. I have a lot of happy memories both of being a student and teacher at Gemstone. And to those who I haven’t taught yet, I cannot wait to meet you.

See you all in the new timetable!