Meet The Team


Hi! I’m Gem and I am the owner and dance teacher for GemsTone Fitness. Dance was instilled in me from birth, I think! From ages 4 to 16, I was dancing and competing in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Street Jazz and Ballroom. I fell pregnant and the weight piled on, the stretch marks grew, and my confidence fell. If it wasn’t for a friend of mine, who wanted to try every new class that was going, I would never have even dreamed of starting pole dancing lessons!


I was a little wary, mainly of my weight, but more of what it involved. Well, after the first class, I was hooked! I had a lovely first teacher, who encouraged me, even though I wasn’t as strong as the other girls. I had the pole bug – and I was determined to become stronger, and more graceful, and more daring.

 It was pointed out that I had a knack for helping others from the start and could offer alternatives, as I had to do moves differently because of my weight. I even bought a pole to have at home so that I could practise. That was it then – I was on a mission to get fit. I started attending classes more than once a week and made time for all the extra fitness sessions and pole workshops I possibly could. It took a while for a fellow pole teacher to convince me that I had the power, the confidence, the know-how and the skill to start teaching my knowledge to others. So I started the ball rolling with training, certificates, insurances and courses in order to become a reputable teacher/school. I started working for a local pole school in order to gain even more confidence and experience then, being the career-minded person that I am, I set up my own pole school.

I achieved my PDC 3* instructor level achievement and 4* level dancer in the official PDC Grading, which displays the highest level of professionalism amongst the pole industry. I am a member and on the map of the PDC pole schools. This, for me, is a major achievement in itself! I have met SO many pole dancers in the four years that I have been dancing, and have to say, have not come across one of them who hasn’t been friendly, encouraging or gracious. I love being a part of the Pole Dance Community, in every sense of the word and can’t wait to continue and promote the journey of GemsTone Fitness Ltd. Here’s your chance to become a member of that same community…


Hi I'm Jade and I've been poling since 2013. I never planned on doing pole, I was recommended Gemstones for hoop but the class was full so I went to a pole class and I fell in love. I was looking for a hobby that I enjoyed but I never expected the journey it has taken me on. A year after starting, I became a qualified beginners instructor and a few years later as an intermediate instructor. GemsTone's is an amazing and friendly place full of inspiring and supportive teachers and students. As instructors, we all love watching people grow and progress and realise their passion. We are a community.


Hi, I'm Marta, and my aerialist journey started at GemsTone in 2016. Starting out as a student in the studio, I have moved all the way up to becoming a pole instructor and also taking the role of administrator for GemsTone!

I am qualified to teach pole beginners and intermediate, hoop beginners, pole silks and stretch & flexibility. I am also certified in anatomy and physiology for aerialists. I also love teaching anything that's related to 'stands (headstands, forearm stands and handstands).

You're sure to see me around the studio as I practically live there and also take part in lessons.


Hi I’m Kelly, by day a physio and by night an aerialist. How it all started was because myself and a friend always loved trying something new so we went to a pole class and loved it we then found a local studio which in turn allowed me to meet Gem where she introduced me to hoop which was about 8 years ago now. As much as I liked pole hoop was my big love. I started teaching approx 4 years ago and love seeing people progress. Gemstone is like one big family, a safe haven, a place to de-stress and forget the world. There is nothing better than popping on a good song and just planning a routine or just making up a flow.


Hi, I'm Ruth and my pole journey started in 2007 when a friend suggested we try it. Back then, it wasn't as big as it is now. I quickly progressed to authentic pole (stripper style) and have experience of dancing in a club. I've been at Gemstone since 2017. I'm qualified in pole to teach Beginners and Intermediate. Qualifications are Level 2 ETM and Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer (includes anatomy & physiology and nutrition). My passions are pole dance / exotic, chair and floorwork and I love teaching how to dance in heels and bring out that inner confidence. I also take part in the hoop lessons, and have competed in Hampshire PCA Bikini Masters. Gemstone rocks!


Sanna James was born in London & grew up in Seattle, U.S.A. After graduating university with a B.A, she discovered aerial silks and wound up in a class that took place performing in a tiny pub. She had found her heart & soul. 

She was so enamored by aerial arts she attended New England Center for Circus Art’s 2-year professional program where she specialized in aerial rope & strap loops. She then moved to England and toured with a traditional circus for 3 years. 

Sanna has a Nimble Arts Teacher Certification in Fabric Foundation. She is passionate about the infinite possibilities & freedom of aerial art and loves to share her JOY of aerial with others.  Sanna thinks Gemstone is a magical place.

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