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Update regarding new government guidelines

We're sure by now you've had a chance to hear about the new government guidelines stating that groups of more than 6 people is prohibited.

This rule does not affect us, and here's why. All our equipment complies with safety distancing between each other. And we ensure all our students' and instructors' safety thanks to these delimited spaces. For us to be considered a group of 6 or more people we'd have to be 6 sharing a piece of equipment within those spaces! This is not a possibility at our studio. So provided all safety distancing measures and the one way path at the studio were followed we would have no problem with this new ruling.

However, we always put our student's needs first, and have therefore decided to keep our reduced class sizes (1 person per piece of equipment) for the foreseeable future.

As always, all decisions are changeable depending on new regulations and how the situation develops. We just like to keep all of you up to date and be open about our decisions and discussions!

If you have any queries, concerns or suggestions do let us know in the comments below or chat to us *LIVE* on our new handy live chat option on our website. Of course you are still welcome to email us at or on any of our social media platforms!

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